Moving Day!- National Parkinson Foundation

Parkinson's Disease, you've probably heard of it but do you know anyone that suffers with it? A dear friend of mine has a Father that has been living with Parkinson's for years now. I also have a client who suffers as well- and what a humbling experience it has been training this man. It is amazing to see what this disease that stems from the brain can do to the body overall. The stiffness, the tremors, the lack of balance and coordination, the lack of independence. Exercise and good nutrition can play a huge part in bettering the lives of those that suffer.


I have the opportunity to give to a charity that supports and educates families of Parkinson sufferers and is out to find a cure! The National Parkinson Foundation has an event called Moving Day where many will walk to raise money for a cure. Here is the link to my friend's page- her team is called Charlies' Angels (her Dad's name is Chuck).  Thank you in advance for your support.

"Text Neck"- the new epidemic

I am amazed at how these little smart phones are compromising our spinal health.  

The human head weighs about a dozen pounds. But as the neck bends forward and down, the weight on the cervical spine begins to increase. At a 15-degree angle, this weight is about 27 pounds, at 30 degrees it’s 40 pounds, at 45 degrees it’s 49 pounds, and at 60 degrees it’s 60 pounds. That’s the burden that comes with staring at a smartphone.............. READ MORE 

Jeans or yoga pants?

I love my yoga/workout pants. I wear them every day but I have an excuse, this is my job. Turns out, Athleisure is now one of the newest trends and if you are any name in retail, you better get moving in that direction. Move over denim!


Why Roots?

As I announce my new business name, I wanted to address the question that always follows, why Roots?

  • Roots are firm and solid, the base or foundation of a plant that grow deep into the ground. They are essential and they provide moisture and nutrients to the plant through branches and fibers to support life. Although we may not be comprised of physical roots, our bodies are full of organs, cells, fibers, bones, muscles and tendons that provide in the same way. We need to pay attention to our structure and it's foundation in order to live life the way our bodies were meant to; with growth, movement, nourishment and replenishment. 
  • My husband and I, along with our 2 little daughters, live in San Diego, CA. We met here and we can't think of any other place we would rather be. For years now, we have been establishing a foundation by developing community, running our businesses and raising our kids. We are pouring into relationships and our neighborhood. We have decided that we want our roots to be firmly planted here.
  • Who are we and where do we come from? What experiences have shaped our lives? In what areas do we struggle? Let's explore all of this when we connect with each other. Let's find out the root cause of the things that hold us back or the things that make us tick. Let's face our issues and work toward improving our life through change. I am someone who struggled with bulimia throughout college and it's taken me years to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food and the way I see my body. If I am told to just go workout or to go on a diet to lose weight, that doesn't work for me. I need to address other deeper rooted issues like control, trust, insecurity and acceptance. Our foundations and experiences are different but we all need movement and nourishment to survive- I want to help others find the ways that work best for them.

Thanks for tuning in!


Let's just be REAL!

Part of my tagline is Be Real and I really mean this and stand by it. Although this can apply toward different areas in our lives, I am focusing this blog on our physical appearance. I am 5'4, 138 lbs. and would consider myself to be pretty average, not necessarily overweight but not thin by all means. I am somewhat strong, agile, and flexible. I don't have any physical health problems but I do struggle with anxiety and depression and I need to be active in order to feel better mentally. I love to eat and that's most of my motivation for working out. Don't get me wrong, I love activity but I don't necessarily love working out! 

This is me! I have cellulite, stretch marks and naturally wavy hair (not things I am stoked about but I deal). Every day I walk out into this world, I open myself up to criticism and judgement on the way I look, but I know deep down that it doesn't really matter. I am loved, accepted and cherished by God, my husband, my daughters, my friends and my community. That has to be enough, it just has to be. I still feel insecure at times but I have come to accept me for me and to grow in confidence as a young woman!

A friend of mine from High School shared an article that highlights some women who decided to try on bikinis from Victoria Secret. They are Real, Normal, Everyday Women, not Models. So, what happened you say?  Find out here.....

Decisions, Decisions.......... and Motivation!

I have been sitting here contemplating what should be the very first blog post on my website- spending countless minutes which may even turn into hours just deciding on something, anything that will make sense, will spark interest, will educate and motivate, create some sort of call to action. Still at a blank. Do you want to hear about where body fat goes when we lose weight or what exercises/stretches you should do for lower back pain? Do you want a recipe or a quick workout to do over the weekend? I don't even know why I am asking since you probably won't answer me. Just decide Tina- make a big girl decision already!

Alright, here it is, Motivation! We all need it so let's be smart about it. And 8, 15 and 24 have to be my reasons!!! What are yours? Read more