Let's just be REAL!

Part of my tagline is Be Real and I really mean this and stand by it. Although this can apply toward different areas in our lives, I am focusing this blog on our physical appearance. I am 5'4, 138 lbs. and would consider myself to be pretty average, not necessarily overweight but not thin by all means. I am somewhat strong, agile, and flexible. I don't have any physical health problems but I do struggle with anxiety and depression and I need to be active in order to feel better mentally. I love to eat and that's most of my motivation for working out. Don't get me wrong, I love activity but I don't necessarily love working out! 

This is me! I have cellulite, stretch marks and naturally wavy hair (not things I am stoked about but I deal). Every day I walk out into this world, I open myself up to criticism and judgement on the way I look, but I know deep down that it doesn't really matter. I am loved, accepted and cherished by God, my husband, my daughters, my friends and my community. That has to be enough, it just has to be. I still feel insecure at times but I have come to accept me for me and to grow in confidence as a young woman!

A friend of mine from High School shared an article that highlights some women who decided to try on bikinis from Victoria Secret. They are Real, Normal, Everyday Women, not Models. So, what happened you say?  Find out here.....