Moving Day!- National Parkinson Foundation

Parkinson's Disease, you've probably heard of it but do you know anyone that suffers with it? A dear friend of mine has a Father that has been living with Parkinson's for years now. I also have a client who suffers as well- and what a humbling experience it has been training this man. It is amazing to see what this disease that stems from the brain can do to the body overall. The stiffness, the tremors, the lack of balance and coordination, the lack of independence. Exercise and good nutrition can play a huge part in bettering the lives of those that suffer.


I have the opportunity to give to a charity that supports and educates families of Parkinson sufferers and is out to find a cure! The National Parkinson Foundation has an event called Moving Day where many will walk to raise money for a cure. Here is the link to my friend's page- her team is called Charlies' Angels (her Dad's name is Chuck).  Thank you in advance for your support.