Roots Fitness offers one-on-one and group fitness training programs. Each workout involves cardiovascular, strength, balance, agility and flexibility components and each program is designed to meet the specific needs/goals of each individual.  Whether its weight loss/reducing body fat, gaining strength/developing muscle tone, or just wanting to move better and feel better for the sake of living a healthier and happier life, Roots Fitness can help.

Before proceeding into training, each client will undergo a thorough fitness assessment, measuring:

  • circumference

  • body fat %

  • range of motion

  • muscular imbalances

  • cardiovascular level

  • flexibility

Once the fitness assessment is complete, the program is then designed for specific needs.

The key is to guide, motivate and educate each client on the importance of why we exercise the body, how to correctly perform the exercises to avoid injury while gaining efficiency, and finally, how healthier food choices compliment this activity.

*Sessions are 1 hour in length (50 min. workout, 10 min. assisted stretching optional)

*Sessions can be held in client’s home, condo gym, park, and other fitness studios that I have access to

*Call for details on individual or group rates



Choose Good........

what is of high quality, right, proper, and fitting to the lifestyle you want to live. We all have a choice so choose wisely if you want to live wisely, cut out the bad and feel better about you.




Have Fun........

exercise and eating healthier doesn't have to be such a drag. Find things that excite you and find people to do them with. Have a good time, laugh, sweat, mess up, and be adventurous in the process. Chances are if it's fun then you will do it again and again.


Be Real.......

life's too short to try being anything other than you. Embrace your wrinkles, your wide hips, your skinny calves, and that not so firm belly you got from having kids. As we age, it's natural for our bodies to do the same. We don't all need to look like cover models and guess what, they don't look like cover models either. People will respect you more if you are real and approachable.


“Some years ago, I gave up swimming and jogging and then found that I couldn’t carry my youngest grandchild up the stairs. Tina’s skill and gracious encouragement restored a balance to my activities and we all cheered recently when I lifted the same child, now older & heavier, with no hesitation.”



“I have been taking my health and fitness seriously by training 3-4 days a week for over 3 years now. Tina has been professional, reliable and encouraging. She is a motivational ray of sunshine!”



“Tina is an amazing personal trainer and has made a difference in my health and well-being. She always greets me with a warm smile and takes the time to ask me how I am feeling, physically and emotionally before we begin a session. I am always set at ease before a workout because Tina shares her intention to work specific areas of my body based on our conversation. She is capable of working me through a variety of circuits and routines that help me address my health concerns and fitness needs. She pushes me when I need it most and always listens to what I have to say, providing encouragement when my desire is lacking. Tina is always conscious of my comfort, she recognizes my physical ailments and most of all, she acknowledges energy I carry into the room. Regardless of where I am when she begins, I always feel exhausted and satisfied at the end of a session.”